Selling Your Home During the Holidays – Decorating Tips

If your home is listed on the market, it is always a balancing act living in your home (especially if you have a family) and keeping it show ready.  Add the holidays into the mix and it's an even more challenging scenario.  How do you celebrate the holidays, host holiday get togethers and keep your house ready to show at any time? Here are a couple tips that will help with that: 


First of all, go less Clark Griswold and more Martha Stewart. Take down Santa and his reindeer on your roof and the giant blow up frosty the snowman collection in your front yard. Only for this year, it can go back up next year when your home is not on the market.  Clutter and 'overdecorating' can be serious deterrents to potential buyers.  When I say more Martha Stewart, I mean make a cozy simplistic holiday atmosphere. Less is more.  


Size Matters when it comes to your Christmas tree. If you have vaulted ceilings a tall Christmas tree can show them off.  Make sure that the base of the tree is not overly wide though it can make your floor area look smaller than it is.  Keep the decor on your tree simple.  


Highlight your homes features. If you have a view, keep your windows clear of holiday stickers and garland.  If you have a banister, use garland/lights to make it look elegant.  Hang mistletoe in a high archway in your entry way or an oversized hallway to bring warmth. Highlight your mantles and wood burning stove to bring in a cozy feel to your home.


Avoid Clutter. If it is holiday clutter or not, try and hide as much of it as possible.  One easy trick I recommend is purchasing non see through plastic bins and shelving (if you don't already have it) and place your 'clutter items' in the bins on the shelving in your garage.  It will look organized and give the home a welcoming open feel as opposed to a hoarders feel.  The best prices I have found on bins is at Target, $5.49 for an 18 gallon storage bin!!


Religious Overtones and the holidays are always a hot topic. The foundation of these holidays are religious and that's why majority of people celebrate them (including myself).  This is your home and you can decorate and celebrate however you like, this is America after all.  Something to take into consideration though, while your home is on the market, you want to attract any and all buyers.  If your house has been 'taken over' by religious themed decor, that becomes the focus of the home tour, not the home.  The same goes for clutter, holiday decor, collectibles, childrens toys etc.  You want your potential buyers to be able to picture themselves and their family and friends in your home. I'm not saying hide your nativity scenes and menorahs.  Just don't place the giant blow up ones in your front yard, on your roof and in your living room.  Keep it simple. 


Keep it Clean.  The holiday season is twice as busy as your normal life with holiday parties, kids activities, family gatherings etc.  It is the perfect time to hire a little extra help.  My personal recommendation is 2 times a month have professional come in and deep clean your home.  Yes you have to pick up your home a bit before they come but it will save you a lot of time. You can focus on keeping your home tidy and show ready as opposed to deep cleaning it.  That's enough of a task in itself.  If you are looking for an excellent house cleaner try Michelle with Shell Cleaning Services.  Her e-mail is  She is great.  Mention my name for an additional 10% off your first house cleaning.


Keep Your Emotions in Check, or at least try.  Please don't forget to take care of your self.  According to numerous studies, selling your home and moving is one of the most emotional times of any persons life.  Remember to make time for yourself, take a hot yoga class, wor​kout, take a walk, sit down and have a cup of tea and read.  You are important and if you are not taking care of yourself through the holidays this process will be more challenging than it should. My favorite place in town to de-stress is Elements Hot Yoga. Check it out! 


Please feel free to contact me and ask personal questions on your home decor or listing your home.  I am happy to list your home through the holidays (any time of year of course) and help get it show ready. If the home is not in my listing area I will be able to point you in the right direction.




Happy Holidays,

Aimee Slesk






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