Baby It’s Cold Outside! Don’t Forget To Prep Your House!


Well it is officially freezing outside! Remember there are a couple really important to do's for any home owner to make sure your house is ready for winter.

​Service Your Heater  

It usually costs between $80-$150 to get your heater serviced before temperatures drastically drop.  This will keep your furnace efficient keeping your heating bills as low as possible & check carbon monoxie levels.  

Check Your Roof

Hop up there (or hire someone) take a quick look to see if there are any strongly damaged shingles. If you fix it proactively before the winter storms come in you will save your self a big headache when you realize your roof is leaking! Remember to check the flashing around your chimeny to verify it is sealed correctly. Be proactive!

Check The Gaps

Between your windows and doors.  If the gap is bigger then the width of a nickle you should caulk over them to keep your heat in, the heat bill down and the cold out.

Clean Your Gutters

Fall is almost over, leaves have fallen! Make sure to clean your gutters or get them cleaned so water doesn't sit in them.  The wet leaves will keep moisture close to your home giving rot a perfect envoirnment to take off, it will also weigh the gutters down causing them pull away from your house causing them to fail and fall. Remember to divert the run off water AWAY from your house so your not allowing the gutters to pour all the water it collects by your foundation.  That opens up room fo lots of issues!

Turn Off Exterior Faucets

Water freezes! Any water sitting in your exterior faucets/hoses will freeze.  When water freezes it expands and your pipes can crack and burst! Disconnect your hoses and drain any left over water in the in the faucets.  You can also drain your lawn irrigation systems if you are in an area that has heavy freezing weather.

Test Your Sump Pump

It's important to test it every few months but especially after a long dry season like we are coming out of.  It would be better to know it isn't working properly before you actually need it.  Pour a few gallons of water in there and wait for it to kick on.

Test Your Generator

Another item you want to make sure is working properly before you need it. Plug it in and fire it up! Sock Up On winter essentials.  Have all items ready to go and accessable.  Make sure you have plenty of water, canned food and extra batteries stored in case of any big winter storms.

Stay Warm and Happy Holidays! 

– Aimee Slesk




Posted on November 23, 2015 at 10:24 pm
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